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What do you want to achieve?

Creighton Coaching and Consulting works with individuals and teams
to generate positive and lasting change in people’s behaviour and thinking,
supporting them to define and achieve their challenging goals.

Zoë Creighton combines her passion for developing people with a realistic and action
oriented approach.

PDF DownloadClients find they make measurable progress towards their goals and in their effectiveness. Although coaching often begins with work topics, the benefits usually spill over into other areas of a client’s life, resulting in fulfilling professional and personal growth.

To get a flavour of what a coaching conversation can be like and a coaching tool which is sometimes used early in the process, download and print the Wheel of Life and the Wheel of Management PDF on the right and try it for yourself. »

Zoë specialises in four key coaching areas:

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Creighton Coaching is a member of the International Coach Federation

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without Vision is merely passing time. Vision with Action can change the world.”

Nelson Mandela.

“Zoë is an excellent listener… while at the same time keeping things moving. As a result, I could see the progress we had made at the end of every session and thereafter.”




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